I’m happy to announce that I’ve received the correct answers to The Hidden Sun Location and Keyword, meaning that the hunt is now officially over. Thank you to everyone that bought my book and tried solving the puzzles.

The winning solution was submitted by a team of two from the UK; Paul Harkin & Shaun Whitehead, so many congratulations to them!
It has been a great project to put together, with lots of hard work and research, so to hear good things from the treasure hunt community and beyond has made it all worthwhile. Seeing the progress from hunters really put a smile on my face. Never underestimated the power of dedicated treasure hunters!
I can now give up the secrets of The Hidden Sun in the Solution PDF which you can read and download below.
I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed The Hidden Sun. Join my mailing list to get updates on my future books and treasure hunts.
Benjamin Brewis
4th November 2020.
(updated 5th December 2020)

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The Hidden Sun



Immerse yourself in the mystery of The Hidden Sun and uncover REAL gold, silver and gems!
This richly illustrated, 64 page treasure hunt game book, takes you on an adventure across the rolling hills, historic villages and other-wordly vistas of central England. Find the answers within the poems and imagery and the treasure is yours to keep. A great brain-teasing adventure for families, individuals or groups.

Benjamin Brewis presents a brand new treasure hunt book. A mythical tale of full of riddles, puzzles and enigmatic illustrations with hidden secrets.

Three years in the making, the aim of this project is to reconnect people with a sense of discovery and the beauty of the natural world on their doorstep. The added bonus is the prospect of finding the keys to real treasure by using online exploration, puzzle solving skills and a little imagination.

The poetic story will take you away to a world of myth, ancient legend and history in a real-world setting. The Banburyshire countryside includes places that helped inspire Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materialsa magical place rich with historic stories. On the way to the gold you’ll learn more about this ancient British/Roman area between Banbury, Oxford, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon and the Cotswolds.

The answers can be found using the clues in the book combined with online research and maps. Once we are safely out of lockdown, it will be the perfect excuse to get outdoors and learn about history, people and places at the same time – and although travelling isn’t necessary to claim the prize, it could help in your quest once it is safe to do so. The treasure will wait patiently.

All you need is the 64 page book, available via Amazon as a full colour paperback or Kindle ebook. The hunt can be decoded by anyone who puts the work in, has access to a search engine and an online map or two. Full details and the rules of how to conduct the hunt and submit answers are in the book. No digging or trespassing involved.

You are looking for one Location and one Password to unlock the treasure.
If you have kids or relatives, get them involved with the puzzles and poems too; they might have a unique perspective on how to solve them. There’s also ‘search and find’ hunts for children; look for the hidden creatures in every illustration.

Once you have the two answers, submit them to the email address in the book to see if you’re victorious.

The Story & Poems

When the immovable stars of the heavens jealously conspire to steal away the Sun’s light-giving powers, the moon urges the dwellers of the ancient land to go out and hunt for various objects scattered around; clues to which are found throughout the book. Only then will they (and you) be able to locate the hidden treasure and restore the light to the land.

A series of poems weave through the book to help you decode the keys to the treasure. Each object to be found has an accompanying poetic verse in order to help decode that particular puzzle and give a sense of its location. Here’s an example of the style;
The sun, the stars and the moon looking down, Cast joyous shadows due south of the town, Hiding up here for millennia might, Offer a clue if you follow the white.

The Illustrations

There are 24 mysterious illustrations giving clues to the whereabouts of real-world objects hidden in plain sight. The illustrations have been painstakingly designed using photographic montages and embellishments to bring the required detail and scope of imagery needed for the hunt.

The Treasure

The treasure prize consists of four elements;
1; ‘The Hidden Sun’ – a beautiful hanging ornament made from 18ct gold, silver, precious gems and Swarovski crystals,
2; A ‘Midnight Hare’ statuette hand painted with gold leaf and featuring a dazzling moonstone gem,
3; ‘Rollright Gold’ – an original, 24″x24″ framed artwork on wood, hand-finished in gold leaf.
4; A 22ct ‘Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin’; the Royal Mint’s flagship coin.

They are all unique pieces of art that can be claimed by the first person to submit the correct Location and Keyword.

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