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Six Questions More with Ben Brewis: The Hidden Sun.

Many of us here at MW were first introduced to The Hidden Sun Armchair Treasure Hunt book a year ago. All those who saw the project were greatly impressed by Ben’s amazing artistic talent...


A Banburyshire treasure hunt to solve during lockdown will lead the winners to £2,000 of treasure in prizes.

The Hidden Sun is a 64-page treasure hunt game book, taking the reader on an adventure across the rolling hills, historic villages and other-wordly vistas of Banburyshire...


Six Questions with Ben Brewis: Creator of The Hidden Sun Armchair Treasure Hunt.

Ben Brewis is offering the opportunity to jump into an exciting world of exploration with the chance to find real life treasure! How incredible! He has...


The Hidden Sun: A Treasure Hunt Book.

This richly illustrated, 64 page treasure hunt game book, takes you on an adventure across the other-wordly vistas of Banburyshire. Find the answers and the treasure is yours to keep...