Born in London in the late '70s, I couldn't help but be influenced by the buzzing sights and sounds of the capital. That exposure to different music, cultures and general vibes helped me creatively, even at an early age.

In my youth I wrote my first attempts at a story on a snazzy Olivetti Top 100; the unseen adventures of Back to the Future's Marty McFly and his girl Jennifer (it was all about Jennifer).

Then came digital art - originally on a battered old Atari ST - and a degree in Graphic Design & Communication, all soundtracked by the burgeoning electronic music scene. I started DJing and producing mixes, which is where my concept for the Path of Souls was born; creating a hybrid of atmospheric and ancient sounds with futuristic, technological beats.

I now live with my family in Banbury near Oxford, close to the literary landscapes of Pullman, Tolkien, Carroll and others. It rubs off on you, so much so that my latest publication, a treasure hunt book called The Hidden Sun, harks back to the poetic, otherworldly nature of myth and legend. It also offers the chance to discover real gold and silver prizes.

For my next few releases I've arrived full circle; back to the 'typewriter' and back to the Path of Souls concept but this time in genre fiction form.

The Path of Souls Series is set between 1990 and 2025. In world where a segmented society struggles with a new discovery in quantum behaviour, a deep-state coalition continues its quest to uncover an ancient secret – one that could alter the consciousness of the world forever. One family holds the key, but will they make the ultimate sacrifice?

Path of Souls 1: Fields of the Serpent (2021)
Path of Souls 2: The River of Four Ways (TBA)
A Path of Souls Diversion 1: Threshold (2021)

Benjamin has over 20 years of professional experience in art and design concepts with his company Firesnake. He was shortlisted for a Business Innovation Award in 2012 for his tourism website banburyshire.co.uk. One of his DJ mixes won an award from the Australian record label Balance Music. His digital fine art has twice been shortlisted for The Lumen Prize and his art has been exhibited in London, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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